Shree Shree Yogananda Saraswathi Guruji

          Born on 15th October 1974 at Mangalpady, Uppala, Kasaragod  District, He was named  as Sathish Kumar.

     His family background was extremely poor to the extend they had to go without food for many days. As Sathish was a very intelligent boy, he studied upto 12th standard initially with the little money he earned by working in the fields, cleaning gou shalas and helping at construction sites. Later he got a scholarship which helped him to obtain vocational training certificate. The scholarship also helped in running the day today affairs of the family. He also studied Hindi till Visharada.  During this time he had to leave his house due to the atrocities of the elders in the family. Sathish, his mother, brothers and sister had to take shelter in a Devi temple. With determination and courage Sathish faced all difficulties with equanimity and took on to Meditation and praying to the goddess.  At this time he saw a Yakshagana of ‘Swetha Kumara Charithra’ Which influenced and made him realize the power of Panchakshari manthra. His prayers were answered when his elder brother who left for unknown destination came back to take over the family responsibilities.

As Sathish, Guruji worked for twelve years with finance companies and maintenance companies as accountant and manager. Even in his younger days Guruji had apathy with the economically and spiritually downtrodden. Probably his own hardships helped him to identify with the poor. He started social activities at the age of twenty, initially by providing Anna(food) to the very poor, even by begging for money. He provided Akshara (education) by giving Free classes for the students and Arogya (Health) by helping sick persons to go to the hospitals and blood donation. At the same time he started advising the youths about the evils of addiction and converted many to mainstream life even before taking on Sanyasa.

    Guruji continued His meditation and prayers at a place filled with creepers, gorse and snakes without realizing that the place is blessed by Matha Gayathri Devi and Graced by Sadguru Nithyananda who reposed at this place. He had a vision of the Lokamatha Gayathri Devi and Sadguru Nithyananda Guruji. He was blessed with the vision and accepted Bhagavan Nithyananda as His Paramapoojya Guru.


     After completing His primary responsibilities to the family He took to complete social and spiritual work at the age of twenty eight. Few of His close associates and devotees like Harsha , Shridhar and Mohandas who had accepted him as their spiritual Guru, decided to make a Guru peeta for Guruji. As Guruji’s Sixth sense was awakened He was able to predict few happenings in the Uppala Kasaragod area which made the common man attracted to Him. At this time late Shri Suresh Acharya gifted 28 scents of land, where Guruji used to meditate, to construct a Devi temple. This is where the Matha Gayathri Devi temple and Sadguru Nithyananda Guruji’s shrine is situated. There was no pre meditated plan for Sathish to become a Guruji. His disciples called many people for the annadana and Shree Shree Mohandas paramahamsa Guruji of  Shridhama Manila to Bless the occasion. As destiny would be, Mohandas Paramahamsa Guruji sat on the Guru peeta and asked Sathish’s mother whether she is willing to give her son to the society. Without realizing the significance she consented. Paramahamsa Guruji then garlanded Sathish, gave him manthradheeksha and called him Yogananda Saraswathi.

     Shree Shree Yogananda Saraswathi Guruji detached Himself from the poorvashram and  plunged into the sole cause of uplifting the socially and spiritually downtrodden people of the society.


 Though not formally inculcated into vedic science most of Gurujis knowledge came from deep meditation and purity of His prayers. Being a devotee of Bhagavan Nithyananda He follows and teaches Siddha yoga and Raja Yoga and therefore, the Ashram is named “Shri Nithyananda Yogashrama”. Guruji continues His crusade against poverty and social evils. The Ashram runs and helps to run Schools, Organic Agriculture, Cattle farming and Small scale businesses. Regular meeting of Sathsangam is also conducted all with the able leadership and divine advices from the Guruji.


   Now almost 12 years after His spiritual transformation, Sri Guruji has transformed the lives of all people of Kondevoor and living as Guiding Light in their every part of life! The way He lives in Kondevoor reminds anyone the life of Sri Krishna in Dwaraka guiding the ignorant village folks about the need for spiritual awakening of life into complete human beings, providing them Iswarya and Samruddhi in their, otherwise forgetful, life!

     You can get more information about Ashrama and its activities from the website.

Hari Om!