Environmental Management activities in Kondevoor
envvGuruji always have a meditative commitment towards environmental protection. The environmental management initiatives in Kondevoor includes zero plastics usage, collection and safe disposal of plastics, if any, organic vegetable farming, organic paddy cultivation, composting, rain water harvesting, etc.

The control on plastics usage in Kondevoor started about ten years back. Initially it started from using cloth bags for prasadam package and distribution. The cloth bags are widely used for prasadam package and distribution. The cloth bags are prepared from cotton cloths prepared by the ashram devotees and this cloths are used for making small bags which are useful for prasadam package. All devotees have cooperated with this “no plastics” mission to eliminate the plastics pollution.

The main weekly activities in ashram includes collection of plastics that are some or the other way scattered around the ashram premises. These plastic wastes are collected by the ashram devotees and packed in bags and are transferred to Uppala Village Office Plastics collection centre for recycling. This a routine weekly environmental management activity which has long term benefits to the society. Guruji always will be in the fore front when it comes to guide the devotees for better collection and package and disposal of plastic waste materials.

enOrganic fertiliser production through composting, etc.  are the main efforts  practised in Kondevoor ashram. The cow dung collected from the Goushala (cowshed) are utilised for this purpose. The cow dung production is enough to make sufficient amount of composting fertilisers which are prepared with lots of mixture of green leaves and other food wastes, such as, banana leaves and skins, fruits wastes, etc.  Many villagers in Kondevoor also get benefited from this production of compost fertilisers prepared in ashram.  These organic fertilisers are used for vegetable farming and also for pady  fields.

Another long term benefited environmental management activity that is carried out every year during the months of monsoon, is the well designed rain water harvesting systems. A large area of the ashram premises are kept for only collection of rain water and thereby recharging the ground water resources. This well managed meditative effort of Sri Guruji takes care of the recharge of underground acquifers and thereby replenish the depleting  groundwater resources .  Hence, the water conservation efforts in Kondevoor  become a powerful groundwater conservation  system.


Guruji advice everyone to plant as many trees as possible to support the water conservation, climate change adaptation and to build ozone regeneration. In ashram Guruji plant daily some medicinal plants and along with His disciples to make green revolution to balance my degrading ecosystem! Hence He requests all around the world to plants as many trees as possible!

Guruj also invite all International volunteers to come and participate in the global Green REvolution that is part of Kondevoor ashram daily activities!