DSC_7987-300x199 Kondevooru – The holy shrine of the great Ascetic Jagadguru Shri Nithyananda

Shri Nithyananda Yogashrama located in Kondevooru in Uppala village in Kasaragod District of Kerala in south India, is blessed with the Divine footprints of 20th Century's greatest Ascetic Bhagavan Shri Nithyananda Guru. In a land of wild bushes, gorse and wild creepers Bhagavan Nithyananda had reposed. Enshrined by the touch of the Holy feet of the great Ascetic, this land has with the relentless efforts of Shri Shri Yogananda Saraswathi Guruji, been converted to a pilgrimage centre which is being highly acclaimed.


Having been accorded Sanyaasa Deekshe by Shri Shri Mohandas Paramahamsa Guruji of Shridhama Manila, Shri Guruji has not only undertaken the Worship of Vedamatha Shri Gayathri Devi, Sadguru Shri Nithyananda and Holy Gou Matha but also through Spiritual pursuits along with His vast group of disciples dedicated to the Ashram and His Holy self towards Five pronged Social Service activities of Anna ( Food), Akshara (Literacy), Aarogya (Health), Aashraya (Shelter), and Aadhara (Life support).

   After accepting Sanyasa Deekshe, in ensuing years Guruji, through the Holy Ashram has initiated Spiritual Awareness, Religious awareness and Social awakening activities that have had significant impact on the society, changed ordinary persons into extra ordinary persons, without discriminating rich and poor, with the sole and noble intent of serving the downtrodden, needy, poor, sick, weaker sections of the society, Shri Guruji has been toiling day and night and has found great success in this endeavour of bringing the light of hope in everyone’s life.


DSC_0170-300x199Founding of the Ashram

Even before accepting Sanyasa, Guruji had created a venerable image in the people’s minds due to his untiring service towards the society. After having served the society in general, Guruji had a desire of establishing a Center of Succour for the needy, poor and shelter less people. The very suffering he faced in His own life made Guruji sympathetic towards the downtrodden and needy people and His firm will to serve them laid the foundation for the establishment of this Ashram.

   Along with the exclusive Worship of God, Meditation, practice of Yoga, the love and affection showered by the society through much needed support resulted in Guruji taking up projects of social significance. The closely associated youths renounced bad habits and mended ways owing to the Holy company of Guruji and sincerely accepted him as their spiritual Guru and started toiling to bring the projects envisioned by the Guruji into existence. They added vigour to the Ashrama by regular meditation, ritualistic chantings, Bhajans and spiritual gatherings. At this time, Late Suresh Acharya donated 40 cents of land which Guruji established as the Holy Ashram to provide services to the society taking Bhagawan Shri Nithyananda Swamy as his Spiritual Guru.

DSC03407-261x300 DSC_0412-300x199Establishment of Shri Gayathri Devi temple and Shri Nithyananda Bhagavan's holy seat in the Ashram

On knowing through Astrology that the Ashram was the Divine abode of Shri Gayathri Devi, being Himself an ardent devotee of Vedamathe Gayathri Devi, Guruji with the help, guidance and support of Veda Murthy Shri Kamaldevi Prasad Asranna of Kateel holy shrine established Shri Gayathri Devi and Shri Nithyananada in the land blessed with the touch of the Holy feet of Bhagawan Shri Nithyananda. Thus converting it into a Holy shrine where devotees throng eternally.

DSC_0097-300x199 DSC_0082-300x199Kamdhenu Gou Shala

The Holy Gou Matha is accepted as the Universal Mother, keeping this concept in mind Kamadhenu Gou Shala was established on 21-01-2007 by the lotus palms of Shri Shri Vishweshvara Theerta Guruji of Pejawara Math to serve the Universal Mother and conserve the native species of Indian breeds especially the Kasargod breed. The Goushala has been successfully meeting all the objectives all along. This Goushala become an instrument to provide immense opportunities by providing lots of Gou seva and karma yoga for many of Guruji's disciples and devotees which lter made them to uplift towards the higher goals of yoga!! 

Sri Nithananda Yogashrama Kondevooru  Development Committee

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