Anna means food. Vedas proclaims that food is God. This is the backbone of ashram activity and Sri Guruji’s most attentive programme for the poor and hungry of the villagers in Kondevoor in particular and also the hungry and needy of elsewhere. Dhanya Lakshmi Agriculture project is meditated project of Sri Guruji to produce rice for feeding the innumerable devotees and the school children of the ashram.  The work for rice cultivation is mainly carried as seva programme, giving the devotees to devote their time for Guru seva in order to develop shraddha and patience.


Dhanyalakshmi Agriculture project
– Non fertile arid lands have been made cultivable and using the techniques of organic farming
food grains and vegetables free from toxic substances are grown in the Ashram.
– Conservation of fast disappearing species of food grains, flaura and vegetables are undertaken assiduously.
– Rainwater harvesting activities are extensively carried out.



The Ashram provides food to all the devotees who come to the Ashram whose numbers on daily basis average about 100 and on festival days about  3000 to 5000 and also to about 600 students who are studying in the schools run by the Ashram.

In the nearby villages whenever families are struck by poverty and are in need of food Ashram provides them with food grains.

Apart from the yearly production of rice, ashram has Annadan Fund, a seva programme to collect donations from the devotees in local, regional and national level.


Koil Utsava

Koil Utsava is a one day festival celebrated in ashram on every year which is the Festival of Harvest! More than 300 people, both men and women come with so much of enthusiasm and devotion to harvest the rice grains. This massive production supports ashrams’ 50 percent of the food requirement for an year.  The experience of participating in Koil Utsava is expressed by many as blissful and soul soothing!