Aadhara ( Life support)
One of the main concern of Sri Guruji is the joblessness of young men, as  He himself know the difficulty of  finding an income to support a family of four or five. As globalisation has worsened the employability of rural young men as compared to the educated urban, it is very hard to get job for less educated and unskilled.

He has a vision to help such jobless youth and also the women who are forced to support their family as their husbands’ earning become very negligible. He accommodates them in the work force of ashram activities in agriclutre, goushala or in kitchen and support to make a an earning for such mothers.  Some mothers are always engaged in paddy fields and vegetable farming and goushala work through out the year.

Youth are made self reliant by providing  them with small businesses and shops so they can support their families. Jobs have been created in educational institutes, Agriculture and cattle breeding.